About Jason Dwain

Growing up with a father who was a record producer and a mother who was a pianist, Jason Dwain (Robinson) was surrounded with music all around him.

“I remember being in recording session watching other people singing or listening to demo’s that my father would bring home and I never had the courage to tell him I could sing , I just kept quiet and soaked it all in. To this day I wish I could have those years back. My father was constantly looking for talent it was right under his nose. We could have cut some great songs together”.

Growing up in Kennett, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee I just couldn’t listen to enough music. I remember being 14 years old walking down the street singing Bill Withers “Ain’t no Sunshine”, and Gordon Lightfoot songs like “Sundown“ and “Carefree Highway” singing just like them but no one was listening and I was too shy to come out and tell anyone.

When I was 27, I finally showed my father what I could do which shocked him and he couldn’t wait to get me into a Nashville recording session but it was the time the internet hit the world and no record labels were listening to unsolicited music at all, especially song’s I didn’t write.

My father told me you can be a great singer but without your own original music no one will take you seriously”. So I went home and wrote my very first song “It’s only Raining”, which is on this CD which I cut more than 15 years ago” and is still one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. Songs like Arizona- California , Will it ever change (MLK), and Midlife Crisis are all brand new and just finished.

The duet single “You Saved My Life “ I wrote a song many years ago , but finally cut the song the way it needed to be cut. Today the only songs I want to sing are the ones I write and I hope one day a great artist might want to cut one of my songs and I might hear one of them on the radio.

I will be cutting some new material this fall and hope it will be out by Christmas. Having great musicians and singers liking my music has been a huge blessing for me and hope my music will be heard more now.

— Jason Dwain